PANAMA - understanding hat fibres November 24, 2017 12:56



The Panama hat is woven from the fronds of the Toquilla palm that grow on the equatorial plains of Ecuador in South America.

The fibre is harvested, processed and transported to the Andean mountain towns where the local Quechua people weave it into fine hats. The centre of the panama hat industry is based in the mountain city of Cuenca.

 Popular all over the world, panama hats are in high demand.They are considered the finest of hat fibres to wear because they are breathable, lightweight and have a distinctive waxy finish, perfect for summer days.

The quality of the hat is defined by the fineness of the weave and extra fine hats [fino’s] fetch high prices.

The main industry is in commercial grade fibres woven in the Cuenca or Briza weaves.

A number of my hat styles for both women and men are made of panama fibre. They are available in a range of colours and grades of weave. They can be purchased online or in store where a selection of customised trimmings are available.